The New Wave of Life Settlement Litigation: Attacks on Cost of Insurance Rate Increases September 2017 by Stephen G. Foresta and Aaron M. Rubin of Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe -
AAP LS Update July 2017 by AA-Partners - AA-Partners provides the latest insight into US Life Settlement Market developments, and introduces the concept of a “Pass rate” to assess liquidity risks...
Quantification of Life Settlement Cost of Insurance (COI) increases June 2017 by Matthew Sheridan - Matthew Sheridan, independent consultant to ClearLife, looks at possible patterns in recent Cost Of Insurance (COI) increases to US Life Settlements; quantifying the impact to premiums and resulting investment IRRs.
AAP Life Settlement Market Update – December 2016 January 2017 by AA-Partners - Another year comes to a close. While uncertainty led to considerable volatility in many traditional markets during 2016 the life settlement market remained steady. AA-Partners provides insight into the latest Life Settlement Market developments.
Explained – changes to ELSA’s Code of Practice December 2016 by Simon Erritt - ELSA announced the latest edition of the ELSA Code of Practice in November 2016. Simon Erritt of Coventry Capital provides a background to the development of this industry standard and outlines the key changes made to this latest edition.
UK government cancels secondary annuity market plans December 2016 by Alec Taylor - In an announcement on 18th October 2016, the UK government made a surprise u-turn on their intention to create a UK secondary market in annuities. Read ELSA's reaction in this article.
A Prospective on Longevity December 2016 by John R. Iacovino - Life expectancy increased more than 50% over the last century. What can we expect going forward? Molecular, metabolic, cell stress and environmental variables will affect the outcome. Dr Iacovino of Fasano Associates provides a view on the major factors influencing longevity trends in recent times; and an insight into what the future may hold.
AAP Life Settlement Market Update – October 2016 October 2016 by AA-Partners - After a less active August, market activity has picked up in September, driven by increased demand for small face policies. AA-Partners provides insight into the latest Life Settlement Market developments.
ELSA Response to the Financial Conduct Authority Consultation Paper CP16/12: Secondary Annuity Market – proposed rules and guidance June 2016 by ELSA - Read in full our response to the FCA's CP16/12 consultation, inviting feedback on proposed changes to the FCA Conduct of Business sourcebook to accommodate the UK secondary annuity market. ELSA members have been prominent in the highly successful US Life Settlement and UK TEP markets. We brought this insight to the fore in all of our responses.
ELSA Response to the UK Government Consultation CM9046: Creating a Secondary Annuity Market June 2015 by ELSA - Read in full our response to the initial UK Treasury consultation on the creation of the UK secondary annuity market. The response draws upon ELSA members' considerable experience in the US Life Settlement market and provides valuable insight into how the major challenges and risks in creating a new market can be addressed.
Life Settlements: International Markets May 2015 by Simon Erritt - ELSA Chair, Simon Errit, provides insight into developments in the UK government's initiative to create a UK secondary annuity market, and compares and contrasts the government's stance with that of ELSA and its members.
Life Settlement Pricing: An Econometric Approach April 2015 by Prof. Dr. Alexander Braun - Professor Braun of the University of St Gallen, Switzerland, presents the latest analysis of Life Expectancy reports for the period 2011-2014. He investigates the pros and cons of applying an econometric modelling approach to market pricing.
The Potential Impact of 2014 VBT on Life Settlement Pricing December 2014 by Mark A. Venn and Chris Stuart -
Life Settlement Funds: Current Valuation Practices and Areas for Improvement March 2014 by Alexander Braun, Sarah Affolter and Hato Schmeiser -
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